1.  Is it worth it?

     2. FIVE (5) Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Data-Enabled Website For Your Law firm.

      3. How To Get a  Data-Enabled Website For Your Law firm.


  Is it worth it?


Before now, legal practice fared well on a referral basis.

If a Lawyer does amazingly well on a brief, he gets referred to another client. The circle repeats itself over and over again.

Slowly but surely, the Lawyer’s client base increases. Now, he can fend for himself, his family, and the young lawyers working with him.

 Back then, lawyers were in high demand and the supply was barely enough to cushion the effect.

The referral system further thrived because the Rules of Professional Conduct forbids advertising and soliciting for legal briefs.

Unfortunately, the referral run is not as effective as it used to be because the population of attorneys has increased astronomically.

What other option is available to the business of legal practice?

You guessed right, a High- Quality Law Firm Website.

These days, law firm websites are everywhere but are they optimized enough to bring in clients?

If you are a lawyer, regardless of if you have a website, keep reading to find out the 4 reasons why you need a highly optimized Law Firm Website for your practice in 2021.


 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Data-Enabled Website For Your Law firm.




A good number of attorneys operate on Social media. Their personal profiles have been able to bring in paying clients.

While this is good, unfortunately, your social media handle is not really yours and it may be deleted for the flimsiest of reasons. Instagram has deleted accounts with over least 3 million followers. Some have been hacked. 

All that hard work down the drain.

Nigeria recently banned Twitter illegally. Lawyers that operate on Twitter now have to bypass the blockage with a VPN.

The only online asset that you truly own is your Law firm website. Now is the best time to invest in one and start growing your email list. 

law firm website Nigeria 2021




Everyone is online these days. It is also worth acknowledging how Covid-19 brought the digital age faster than anyone expected.

Prospective clients run quick searches on google before paying for legal services too. We did a quick study on google ads keyword plan and discovered that at least 70 prospective clients search for “lawyers near me” every month since May 2020.

I know most lawyers don’t like calculations but I crave your indulgence.

Let’s imagine out of the 70 prospects, 10  of these individuals have briefs of at least $1000 (N400,000) depending on your area of practice. Now, multiply that by $1000= $10,000(N4,000,000).

This clearly shows that you may need to reconsider today if you are still contemplating getting an optimized law firm website. With the right strategy in place, your prospects are bound to find your practice.

law firm website 2021


Source: and google.



Let’s perform a seamless exercise.

a)Write a list of the top law firms you know.
b) Type their business names into google.
c) How many of them came up with websites?

We did this and discovered that other law firms are incorporating legal marketing into their quest for briefs. It all starts with a website.

Each day you contemplate getting your law firm website is a day lost in terms of securing a new client. It is a day other law firms reap the benefits of a strategic online strategy.

Law firm website Nigeria 2021




A Lawyer went for a meeting somewhere around Chevron.

He dazzled his prospects until it was time to finally get the brief. An ex-chairman of the Estate requested for his Law firm’s website.

Unfortunately, he never saw a site as part of his legal-brief strategy. He almost lost that brief.

A website adds credibility to your law firm especially when high-paying clients are involved.

To step up to high-paying clients, a good first move is to invest in a high-quality website capable of introducing your legal services to clients whether or not they are physically present.




Law firm website Nigeria

“The best way to help a client is to show you can help a client.”

How well can an Attorney do that? An optimized website for your law firm answers that question.

A part of a legal practitioner’s site should be dedicated to answering prospective clients’ questions. This part is sometimes called a “blog”.

Criminal Lawyers can write about “the steps to take once a Police Officer detains a client for more than 48 Hrs.”

Business Lawyers may decide to write about “the legal pitfalls to avoid when investing in a Start-Up”.

A well-written article does no good if no one reads it.

The next step is to publish it on platforms such as,, e.t.c with a link redirecting interested readers to your website to understand more.

This strategy works all the time and it is FREE.

Juxtaposing it with publishing your articles on pages of newspapers is not as far-reaching and cost-effective.

The link to a well-written article can also be shared on Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media pages.

Whatever you do, ensure the website where your articles are posted contains enough DATA to show where your readers are located, what articles they prefer, and the platform that performing better.

E.g If the data of your Law Firm Website shows more people click your link from Instagram, your next legal marketing step is to put more effort into Instagram posts.



HOW To Get A Data-Enabled Website For Your Law Firm.


We have an edge over other web design companies for a reason. We have lawyers with over ten years in practice who not only understand the dynamics of the legal profession but also how the internet works. 

Luckily for you, we are currently running a 50% discount which will be ending soon.

Click on the IMAGE below, let’s grow your practice together. 

Law firm website Nigeria 2021

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